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I am sure that anyone who loves to travel has a bucket list in one form or another.  That is everyone but me.  I had honestly never thought of creating an actual list and have stored all of my dreams in my head and I just never got around to putting pen to paper to create a written bucket list.  Everyday things changed and more and more things just got added to the list.  I wanted to see it all!

Steps to create your own personalized bucket list
Who doesn’t want to cruise to a remote, private island in the Bahamas?

As I have begun the dreaded aging process and have unfortunately hit my middle age years, I have come to realize the importance of having a bucket list in writing.  I have finally sat down and put pen to paper and created my bucket list.  For now, my bucket list is complete.  At least until tomorrow lol.  Yes, the list continues to change with items being added and even some items removed, but the main things I want to do in my lifetime are actually in writing.  I figured this way I will be more apt to do them and motivated to save money in order to fulfill my dreams.

In the past whenever I had vacation time or a free weekend, I would always try to decide what I wanted to do and what I wanted to see.  There were just so many choices that I was never able to decide, so I stayed home.  Every time that I did this, I felt that life was passing me by and my time to complete the things that I wanted to do was growing thin.  Not anymore!  My bucket list has been essential in my goal setting, as well as keeping me focused on saving the money needed to fulfill these goals and make my dreams a reality.

A solo travel day lazing on a private island has to be put on everyone's bucket list.
Are lazy beach days with a private butler on your bucket list?

Benefits of Having a Bucket List

When creating your bucket list, remember that not only the places you want to visit and see should be on the list, but you should also include any activities and/or adventures that you want to do, as well as any personal goals that you have (ie. loosing weight, helping others, etc.). Writing these wants, needs, and goals on paper is not only fun, it provides the opportunity to actually focus on what it really is that you want out of life and keeps you motivated in order to reach those goals and dreams.

How to Create a Bucket List

We all have a dream of places we want to see, and by creating a bucket list it is necessary to reflect, analyze and organize our thoughts in order to determine what our priorities are when it comes to fulfilling our bucket list and realizing our dreams.


When beginning your bucket list, start by writing down everything that you want to do or achieve, in no particular order. Let the thoughts and pen flow.

This step is important when creating a bucket list as visualization provides you with a purpose and will also provide the necessary motivation necessary in order to fulfill your dream(s). Remember, a bucket list should only contain items that are a “must” and important for you to accomplish, otherwise this step won’t work as well and your dreams will continue to be put aside.


Once you have all of your dreams written down, sort through and organize them into categories:

  • places to travel abroad
  • places to travel domestically
  • long term travel destinations
  • short term travel destinations
  • local weekend getaways
  • adventures and activities
  • roadtrips
  • Personal goals and achievements

I have found that the more diversity that you have on the list the better. This allows you to adjust your goals and/or dreams based on financial circumstances, time allowance, etc. (not to mention pandemics) and provides you with more flexibility when setting the target date for fulfilling your dream(s).

a hot air balloon ride is definitely an adventure that has to be added to the bucket list.
Check that adventure off my bucketlist!
Bow Lake, Icefield Parkway, Alberta is the perfect bucket list destination
…and this one!

Strategize and Commitment

This step in creating your bucket list is the most important. Without it, your bucket list will remain only a dream and will never become a reality.

When initially creating a bucket list we are writing down all of our dreams. This step allows us to strategize in order to make our dreams come true. What exactly has to be done in order to achieve the end goal? Some things that may be needed to take into consideration include:

  • cost
  • time required (1 week, a weekend, etc.)
  • distance needed to be travelled
  • time off work


These are the initial things that should be taken into consideration, and once these items have been determined I am sure that you will discover other things that need to be to considered.

How to create your own personalized bucket list

Creating a Bucket List is Loads of Fun

Creating a bucket list is loads of fun and it allows you to get the creative juices flowing. If you are anything like me, this will be an ongoing ever-changing project.


Kelly xoxo


29 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. celly1989

    I love your list and I agree, we should strive to make greater use of our weekends or free time to do something like a road trip or small vacation. Of course, sometimes you need to just stay home and rest, but not all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

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