Rogers Center – In My Own Backyard

Welcome To My Own Backyard 

Welcome back for this week’s feature In My Own Backyard!  Are you ready to visit the big city!

Whenever tourists hear the word Ontario, or even Canada for that matter, the first place that comes to mind is Toronto.  I hate to tell you but Ontario consists of way more than just Toronto.  I will admit though that Toronto is our largest and busiest city.

Toronto is home to our Provincial Government, as well as a plethora of entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bars, architecture, live theater and a diversity of cultural backgrounds.

For Ontario residents, Toronto is best known for its beloved professional sports teams: Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leaf, and yes, the NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors.

Rogers Center, Toronto, Ontario

The Rogers Center, formerly known as the Skydome, was built in 1989 and is the first stadium built with a fully retractable motorized roof.  The Rogers Center is home to the Toronto Blue Jays, and is the largest entertainment venue In My Own Backyard, which also hosts large concerts, as well as other entertainment events and trade shows.

If you are visiting Toronto during the summer months, I highly recommend a day out at a Blue Jays game, or if a concert is happening, I suggest that you attend.  The Rogers Center is full of fun vibes!

Visit the Rogers Centre to see the Toronto Blue Jays play
When visiting Toronto, a day at the Rogers Centre is a must!
Toronto is home to many high-rise buildings of modern architecture
Take in the surrounding Toronto Skyline
Preparing the Baseball Field at the Rogers Center
Preparing Rogers Center for the Blue Jays

For many other activities and adventures that Ontario has to offer, visit Explore Ontario’s Activities and Adventures.

Bye for now, I am off and busy Exploring My Own Backyard.  Until next week for my next feature In My Own Backyard ….

Kelly xoxo


4 thoughts on “Rogers Center – In My Own Backyard

  1. Anja

    I see similar content from German travel bloggers now, and everyone seems keen to stay in their own region. I like it how now we concentrate on the good things around us, but at the same time I canno twait to pack a little case and go travelling again, which it, at least in Germany, deemed “safe” by the government and no longer advised against for all of the EU with the exception of Sweden and Spain, but takeup has been very slow. I wonder how summer, our traditional travelling season, will pan out.

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