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This week I just have to share an amazing restaurant that I stumbled across while road tripping along the beautiful shores of Lake Erie (a full itinerary of one of the best roadtrips in Ontario will follow).

We all love finding unique restaurants, with yummy food, and the most incredible views, whether we are travelling abroad, or exploring locally.  Well I have found one and if you are ever in the area of Turkey Point, Ontario you just have to go!

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Marshview Patio

Marshview Patio is tucked away within the Long Point UNESCO biosphere reserve located just outside of Turkey Point over-looking Lake Erie and the Turkey Point Marsh.  Seating for this restaurant is all outdoors so don’t expect food during acclimate weather. However, on a sunny summer day you will be able to lounge on the patio while gazing at the most incredible view of the largest marsh I have ever seen with one of Ontario’s Great Lakes in the background.

Long Point UNESCO biosphere reserve. This marsh went for miles

The food served at Marshview Patio is made from fresh ingredients which are locally grown.  I wouldn’t expect to return a second time and order the same thing as the menu changes frequently (I sure hope they keep the Farmer’s burger).

When I was at the Marshview Patio, several different types of salads were being offered, as well as burgers, wraps and fish tacos.  The portions are HUGE so make sure that you are hungry when you go.  The patio is licensed and the day I was there the feature drink of the day was watermelon mojito. It was super hot and the drink was so refreshing and very large.

This watermelon mojito was sooooo refreshing! I could have drank them all day long.
These are the fish tacos, made with battered perch from Lake Erie

If you are enjoying the views and aren’t ready to leave after your meal, you might want to visit the beer truck and lounge in the beer gardens for awhile.

Tip:  If the Gourmet Farmer’s Burger is on the menu, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It is by far the best burger I have ever had.  The fries are also right up there at the top as well.

This my friends is the Gourmet Farmer’s Burger. See that deep fried pickle on there?

The most amazing thing about this food (other than being so good) is that it is all made from a food truck.  Believe me when I tell you that you would never know.

After you finish eating, I am sure that you will need to take a walk on one of the trails … you will be stuffed and will need to walk it off.

Lounge by the fire at Long Point Marshview Patio
Lounge by the fire after your meal with cocktail in hand of course 🙂
You just have to stop for a bite at Marshview Patio in Long Point

I really hope that you get the chance to visit the Marshview Patio.  You won’t regret it! BUT, if you want to check out more eateries, wineries or breweries in the area, there are many to explore.

Well that’s another check mark off the list.  I’m off to explore more in my own backyard!  Until next time ……

Bon Appetite 🙂

Kelly xoxo


49 thoughts on “Marshview Patio | In My Own Backyard

  1. bethann56

    This sounds amazing! After having owned a full-service fine dining restaurant I have ALWAYS said, if I EVER do it again it’ll be a food truck. They are so much more accepted these days and clientele base is larger and if you’re food is reaaly good or better, you WILL be successful!
    I so hope to get up there soon. I’m just on the other side of Erie in Ohio! I haven’t checked lately, are the borders open from COVID?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ramya

    This place looks good to spend a day. One can have organic food and can burn the calories with a trail. The best thing is they ensure that the menu is not constant. This might attract most of the foodies I believe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Camp | In Search of Sarah

    Thank you for this tip! I saw that fish taco pic on your IG hahaha – I need to go here now! I’m only about an hour from Port Dover so it shouldn’t be too much further from that. Thank you for the local tip! We’ll be exploring our own little area for now so this is great! I could totally go for a watermelon mojito right about now too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      You have to explore Norfolk County! There are several wineries although Burning Kiln is the best (right across the street from restaurant). Charlotteville Brewery is also the best brew pub I have been to, which is also in that are.


  4. 13weekstravel

    Now, this looks amazing and who would have thought the food from a food van will look so lush and tasty as you described it. I like these series where you’re exploring your area. It’s giving me ideas on the many things to do when I visit.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. GGeorgina

    Deep fried pickle!! Lol – I never knew there was such a thing until I lived in the USA! It’s nice though with a stacked burger! I do like your fish tacos which is I what I would probably go for. THe scene is lovely and seems a perfect getaway.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Krista

    That food is making me very, very hungry right now! I love that the restaurant is in a natural setting, with some great views too. It looks like the perfect place to stop and relax for a bit after some walking or hiking in the area!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. bye:myself

    Hm, clever clickbait: I thought this post would motivate me to go on a hike or do some sort of exercise. Instead, it made me very, very hungry – the burgers and the fries look just perfect! Is there booze in the watermelon mojito? Because I love fresh watermelon juice – never had it as a long drink, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Anonymous

    What a lovely restaurant! It’s amazing what talent chefs are able to produce from a food truck! I wish i would be traveling to the Great Lakes some time soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Sandy N Vyjay

    Eating in a natural outdoor setting is always a great experience. The Marshview Patio looks really awesome. Can almost imagine sitting there and feeling the breeze while digging into some awesome food. It is also great to know that the restaurant sources local ingredients, which is sure to take the food to another level.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Jackie

    Everything at Marshview Patio looks just amazing! I am a big fan of fish-tacos, and it’s rare to find perch on the menu. Even better that it’s fresh from the lake. I would love to try one of those tall watermelon mojitos on a hot day, too. Yum, yum! This is my kind of place…beautiful views, walking trails, and delicious food. What more could you ask for? When I’m in the Ontario region, you can bet I’ll be stopping in here. 😀 Thanks for bringing Marshview Patio to my attention!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Travel See Write

    While I am not necessarily a foodie but I love stumbling upon such hideaway restaurants. I love the fact that the food served at Marshview Patio is made from fresh ingredients which are locally grown. And, the portions look huge too. Maybe enough for my two meals 😛 And, that tall watermelon mojitos on a hot day is too cool to miss.

    Liked by 1 person

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