15 Things Every Senior Should Know Before Travelling Solo

Am I too old to travel solo? The answer is a resounding NO! Despite what some of the younger generation might think, the era of senior solo travel has emerged and is continually on the rise. It is more common than ever for seniors to begin travelling solo. As long as we have the mental capacity and physical ability we are never too old and we’re good to go!

Seniors choose to travel solo for different reasons than the younger generation. They may have lost their spouse, they may be divorced, their spouse may be too ill to travel or just simply doesn’t want to travel. Whatever your reason is for travelling solo as a senior, that is okay, and remember you don’t owe anyone an explanation. However, having said that, there are certain things that we as seniors need to know before taking off on our own.

We May be More Skeptical Than When We Were Younger

As we age, we tend to get a little more skeptical and cautious. This may prevent you from travelling solo in your golden years, but don’t let it. If you want to travel then travel, just start out a little smaller and visit your favorite destination in your own Country. This will begin to give you the confidence and courage you will need in order to embark onto bigger things.

Taking on More Than We Can Handle

I know in our minds we are still that cute 20 something year old… but newsflash! We aren’t! Despite what our mind tells us, our older body does have some limitations in our latter years and it is important to stay within our physical and mental capabilities. After all, we want to remain healthy while we’re out exploring our new found destination.

Senior Tavellers Often Prefer Different Destinations Than Our Younger Counterparts

While our younger counterparts may prefer wild and active destinations, our older brain is seeking a destination that is somewhat quieter which offers more passive activities, such as museums and lying on the beach and maybe if somewhat fit we can throw a bit of hiking in there, but make sure that you have the proper equipment with you to avoid injuries and that you have brushed up on safety before hitting the trails. If you are overly worried about your safety and your ability to navigate a destination on your own, then a cruise is a perfect and safe alternative for your first solo trip as a senior.

Trust Your Travel Agent or Tour Company

It is more than likely that you arranged your trip through a travel agent or you have opted to join a seniors tour group. If you haven’t and this is your first solo trip, I would highly recommend reaching out to a tour group or travel agent to make all of your arrangements. The are specialists and know the safe places to stay, things to do, major attractions, and all of the ins and outs of your chosen destination. Choose a travel group or travel agent that you trust explicitly, after all, this is the person or people responsible for choosing your accommodations, activities, etc. I’m sure you don’t want to end up at a swingers resort 🙂 If you are uncertain of where you want to travel, your agent will be able to provide you with the best recommendations based on your interests.

Make Hotel Reservations in Advance

If you opt to make your own travel arrangements, it is important to book your accommodations in advance as more amenities may be required as we get older. Do you need wheelchair accessibility? Is it within walking distance to the sites that you want to see? Is it in a safe area of town? These are all of the things that you want to explore when making your own reservations. It you are having difficulty choosing a “must see” and “must do” travel destination, check out these top Winter Destinations for solo travellers, written by experienced solo travellers, I’m sure something will catch your eye.

Packing More Than You Can Carry

Packing more than you can carry is a mistake that many travellers make, both young and old alike. Seniors aren’t quite as strong as they were in the younger years and may not be able to lift the same amount of weight or carry it for long periods of time. Only pack what you are able to carry, as there will be times when you will need to carry your luggage, even if for a short period of time.

When seniors are travelling alone, remember not to over pack.  Pack only what you are able to carry.
Don’t pack more than you can carry

Remember Your Interests

Our interests and hobbies tend to change over the years and we may not be up for white water rafting anymore. If your interests are of the more passive nature, choose a destination that is suitable for you. Have you become a foodie? A museum lover? A beach bum? History buff? These are the activities that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on a destination that best suits your needs. For Ontario Solo Travellers, we have so many safe destinations, just a short drive away. If you are a lover of all things road trip, then I HIGHLY recommend a summer road trip along Lake Erie to Ontario’s most southernly town, Kingsville, which is a foodies haven and a wine lover’s delight. For those senior travellers that are still a little leery about heading out on their own, I recommend a one night escape to either the Pillar N Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake or if you are seeking an Ontario destination with fewer crowds, I recommend the Arlington Hotel, in Paris, Ontario. I personally have stayed at both hotels and they cater more to the mature solo traveller. You won’t feel left out and you’ll always be well looked after. All of these close to home destinations are the perfect pay to introduce solo travel into your life.

Pay Attention to Your Fitness Level

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “my mind wants to but my body tells me no”. This has become more and more clear to me the older I get. I still think that I’m able to hike 25 miles and set up tent along the way. That has proven to be wrong time and time again. Those days are long gone, but I am still able to hike a good 10 miles and come home to my comfy bed. It is important to keep this in mind when you are choosing tours and/or activities to do while you are away. If you have physical limitations, it’s not wise to be signing up for a 25 mile hike through the rain forest. There are many suitable leisurely tours offered for seniors that will help you to explore your destination, see the relevant sites, all while learning the history. I admit, that when I travel into unfamiliar territory, I opt for a day hike, but if this is your choice, make sure that you bring you hiking essentials with you and stay safe. If you still love a little adventure in your life, then you go girl! Go for it! There is no doubt about it that booking a day tour is perfect for solo travellers and it’s also the perfect way to meet like-minded travellers.

Avoid Public Transportation

As senior travellers, it is wise that we attempt to avoid public transportation at all costs for various reasons. We are in unfamiliar territory, which makes it easier to get lost, buses may be crowded and it may be necessary to stand for longer periods of time than what we are capable of, and you are being exposed to more opportunity for those darned pick-pocketers. For these reasons alone, it is recommended that you hail a cab or arrange an uber to get to your destination. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride, and I guarantee you will feel much safer travelling this way. However, I must add that no matter the mode of transportation of choice, it is always wise to be alert as to your surroundings.

More Vulnerable Than the Younger Generation

Let’s face it, as we age our cognitive ability decreases which makes us an easier target for those of more questionable character. If this is the case with you, I recommend that you not stray too far from your accommodations on your own, wear simple clothing, and leave your jewelry at home.


Realize That Travel Has Evolved Over the Years

You will notice that travel has evolved since your younger years and it will look quite different now. There was a time when only the affluent were able to travel. The travel world has opened up and it is now available to all walks of life. Places of interest and airports will be much more crowded and will be more difficult to navigate. You now have way more options on where to travel, and the cost of travel has skyrocketed since our younger years. So when travelling as a senior, be prepared and bring your patience along with you.

Technology Has Emerged

In today’s world, we rely on technology for everything. This is also true when we travel. Many attractions have replaced its live guides with apps to be downloaded onto your phone, tickets for attractions are usually purchased online. Some accommodations have even abandoned the common light switch and replaced them with key cards. When travelling solo as a senior, it’s not necessary to be a technology geek, but it is advisable to have some basic knowledge and know how to navigate on your smart phone. It is also important to note that your cell phone may not work depending on the destination. If this is the case, you will have to purchase a SIM card at your destination. Even if your service provider does cover your destination, it is advisable to notify your provider when travelling out of the Country to obtain a cheaper “roaming” rate. When travelling as a senior, either at home or abroad, it is not wise to be without a cell charger so that your phone can be kept fully charged at all times. Keep in mind that your cell phone is your life-line when travelling alone.

Senior solo travellers should learn basic technology to assist them when travelling
Technology has evolved

Arrange Ways to Communicate With Home

When travelling solo as a senior, it is not uncommon for family and friends back home to be worried. In fact, many may have even though you’ve lost your mind. But never-mind that, you’re definitely not alone. Arrange to check in daily with a certain person and have them relay information to the others. This can be done by text, email, or an old-fashioned telephone call. Whatever method you choose, this is an important step especially when travelling alone as a senior.

Just One Tip: When travelling, I leave my kids a copy of my travel documents as well as an itinerary outlining where I will be staying and what tours I have planned.

JUST ONE BOOMER TRAVELS is a community of baby boomers (travellers over 50), found on facebook who encourage each other to escape into the world of solo travel, provide travel tips, destination recommendations, and most of all encouragement and inspiration

Purchase Travel Insurance

Lastly, purchase travel insurance! We never know when something will go wrong, but this is even truer as we age. Even if you have medical coverage through your Country’s Government, it is still HIGHLY recommended that you purchase additional insurance as government insurance doesn’t always cover everything that could happen. In our earlier years, we typically didn’t purchase cancellation insurance, but as we age, things come up either with our own health or the health of our aging parents. While we never want to cancel a trip, there may be times that the need arises.

Senior Solo Travel Tips Wrapped Up

No matter how old you are, if you want to travel, then travel! There will be some who say that you are too old to be travelling alone, but I say that’s hogwash!!! What do they know! There are certain things that we have to take into consideration before we take a solo trip in our golden years, but as long as we do that and use our common sense, we are still good to go. Go with excitement, get out there and live your life….. if I can do it then so can you. I have full confidence in you 🙂


Kelly xo


87 thoughts on “15 Things Every Senior Should Know Before Travelling Solo

  1. Valentina

    I love this article. Thank you for sharing all these tips and info. A lot of seniors unfortunately when loosing their loved ones tend to stop traveling because they are scared to be alone. This article will help a lot of people to be brave and keep traveling even if alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      I completely agree. I started travelling solo in 2010. I wasn’t a senior at that time but I sure am now and I’ve definitely had to change my travel style, but I will never stop doing it unless I am physically unable.


  2. Melissa

    I love this so much! As a trained Occupational Therapist I always encouraged my senior clients to continue doing what they love. These are such great tips and I’m going to send this to my grandma who has been trying to find the courage to travel to visit me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      I hope this post helps more “senior” to continue to do what they love. Life is too short to stop living! I hope it helps your grandma 🙂 If I can do, then I have faith that she can as well.


  3. Brittany

    These are great tips! I think the advice about avoiding public transportation is wise, especially if you’re traveling in a new place. And relying on a travel agent is such good advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      I found when I was younger it was easier to take trains, buses, etc., but now that I’m a senior, I don’t feel comfortable with my directions, etc. so I would rather rely on a taxi or uber to get me there


  4. travelingteachergirl

    I love this advice! Especially about avoiding public transit- this can be the most exhausting part of traveling in a new city!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. samara

    I absolutely love this post! My grandma has been a solo senior traveler for years and has nothing but amazing stories to tell. She inspired me to travel a lot too. Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      Thank you. More people need to be like your grandma. I have so many friends that stopped travelling when they got older because they didn’t have anyone to go with. There are so many options and I will NEVER stop as long as I have my health


  6. anthomas717

    While I am in my 20s, I still strongly agree with the packing more than you can carry tip! It is exhausting to carry around a backpack stuffed completely full for an entire day or more.

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. Linda (LD Holland)

    What a good list of things that seniors need to know before travelling. Taking on more than you can handle is something we have to fight against on every trip we take. And hubby’s rule is that I can’t pack more than I can move! Good idea to leave a complete itinerary with your kids. I know when we don’t check in every few days they are wondering where we are!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. kavitafavelle

    I am really happy to see your post encouraging older travellers to travel solo, if they still have the mental and physical well being to do so! Especially important for those who’ve perhaps lost a companion they used to travel with, or find they have more adventures left in them when others of their age don’t! You are so right though to advise being realistic on what we can handle, whether that’s the pace of our itinerary, how much luggage we can carry or what activities we can do.

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. Sage Scott

    “Remember you don’t owe anyone an explanation!” Not only great advice for a senior who wants to travel solo but for most women of all ages, right?!?! And #14 is so important when traveling solo, no matter what age or gender you are! Great tips!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Michelle

    These are all such great tips and definitely some I hadn’t thought of! Thank you so much for writing this. I am going to share it with my mom immediately!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Agnes

    This is an exciting and essential post! It’s great that you pay attention to the problems of senior people who pursue their travel dreams. It is definitely crucial to get good insurance, book hotels and stay in touch with loved ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      Thank you. More and more seniors are travelling solo, or want to be travelling (I being one of them lol). I find the older you get the more “afraid” you are to go out of your comfort zone so hopefully this post will help some seniors with tips to venture out on their own.

      Liked by 1 person

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  18. Peyton

    I think this is amazing!!! I think you are never too old to travel. I will be sharing this with my grandma. There is so much to learn when travelling and I think that is so important.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Hannah

    Great tips for seniors! My Mom, an avid traveller, is finally having to slow down and think of some of these things – and not over extend herself! But she’s still going strong 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      Thank you so much. I’m a senior solo traveller and have been for years but so many of my friends are just now finding themselves alone and don’t have a clue where to start. I aim to inspire 😉


  20. dania

    This is a great article that I think holds true as we get older. I’m not a senior solor traveler yet, but travel is better the more honed in I am on what I like and don’t like to do. I enjoy my time traveling much more!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Travel A-Broads

    I’ve never really traveled [completely] solo, and some of these tips are useful for any age group! Thanks for sharing. Xx Sara


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  23. Barry

    As a senior I don’t see myself any different to other travellers and certainly never restrict myself because of my age. Having said that I am lucky in that I am still very healthy, fit and active with an inquisitive mind, so I guess that counts me out of the average senior category. It has not stopped me taking public transport as it is often cheaper and more fun and you get to see how local live and move around the place. I get what you mean about any restrictions that come along in later life – although I’ve seen those restrictions put on themselves by youngsters too.


    1. Just One Passport

      I’m also a senior and like you I’m still active and healthy (touch wood) . You and I are lucky, many aren’t. I like to think we are because of what we do and how we live….always looking for the next adventure, new sites, new food, new people, etc.


  24. awakenedvoyages

    What a great article, so inspiring. Age should never be a reason to stop travelling providing you are healthy and fit. I haven’t reached my senior years yet but I don’t intend to stop traveling when I do. The more active we keep the better we feel physically and mentally.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      I actually received a comment on one of my solo travel posts from a young woman asking “aren’t you too old to travel solo”. I was stunned! Nowadays, the majority of solo travellers are us baby boomers, due to death of spouse, separation/divorce, empty-nesters, retirement, etc.


  25. Renee

    These tips are great for any solo traveller, to feel safe. But I can agree with the know your physical limits! I keep forgetting how old I am and my stamina has changed over the years. So that one is important to build in rest breaks throughout the day, or join a tour so there is less pressure on you to plan and organize your itinerary. Travelling as you age does change- I see that now, I travel much differently than I did in my 20s, 30s, and 40s. So, I hope I continue to adapt and don’t lose my love of travel.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. BlondeAroundTheWorld

    I always dreamed of being one of those old ladies who goes out in the world after retiring ahahah this post is fantastic, not only for the conscious tips, but also for the positive energy it conveys. Congrats on the chosen subject. You’re never too old to go for your dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. thedctraveler9b7e4f7d4d

    These are great tips! I love to travel with my parents and they’re getting older, but they also travel on their own. They love the simplicity of cruising and not having to worry about accommodation or transportation. It just goes to show that you can travel at any age!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Melanie

    These are great reminders of how much travel has changed since I started, and it makes me think about how much it will change as I continue travelling and aging, too! My grandparents were big traveller–they are huge inspirations for me–so I know I have it in my genes. Adventures can happen at any age 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  30. Emma

    I’m not quite there yet, but I like to think that growing older won’t change my opinion on solo travel and wanting to enjoy myself and experience new things. My friend’s mom went backpacking in South America for a year by herself, then traveled Europe for 6 months before settling in Turkey for the last 3 years. In our friend’s group, she’s the one we all aspire to be when we “grow up”. She’s an inspiration and definitely a sign that you are never too old to travel solo


  31. JoJo’s Cup of Mocha

    I loved seeing all these wonderful tips and general information for seniors looking to solo travel! I believe anyone and everyone can solo travel, and seniors are no different. This post is very inclusive and provides seniors wishing to travel solo with not only useful information and tips, but confidence and support for doing what they want to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just One Passport

      I’ve been travelling solo for almost 15 years now and I apparently have now hit the “senior solo travel” stage lol. I don’t know how that happened lol. I have provided these tips from my own personal experience. I have no plans to stop travelling alone anytime soon….as long as I have my health.

      Liked by 1 person

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