A Tour to Remember with Buzz Tour Co. – Catch the Buzz

Catch the buzz and join Buzz Tour Co and host extraordinaire Christine for a tour to remember, on this fun, non-stop, full day tour from Kitchener, Ontario to the up and coming Region of Norfolk County. Make sure that you are revved and ready to indulge in a day of wine, beer, hard cider, food and a ton of laughs with Christine the Buzz founder, or one of her just as fun side-kicks.

You certainly won’t be bored as you tour and learn about the history of the up and coming Ontario wine region in Norfolk County.   If you are paying attention on your way to Norfolk County, you will catch a glimpse of the tobacco fields and gingsing farms along the way.

This is a sponsored post, but as always all opinions expressed are my own opinion and thoughts.  If I claim to appear to be an expert on a certain topic or product or service area, I am not, and I will only endorse products or services that I believe in my opinion are worthy of such endorsement.

All Aboard With Buzz Tour Co

The particular tour that I went on was open to the general public and we met Christine and the driver between 9 and 9:30 in the morning at the VIP Cinema on Fairway Drive, in Kitchener, Ontario (on private group tours, pick-up is arranged at your place of business or an individuals home).  Grab your morning coffee from Starbucks and empty your bladder before boarding the bus, as you will have a short and very entertaining 1 1/2 to 2 hour roadtrip before reaching your first destination in Norfolk County.

All aboard and Catch the Buzz with Christine, the owner of Buzz Tour Co
Meet your tour guide, Christine

Throughout the drive to Norfolk County, Christine will entertain you with the history behind Buzz Tour Co and how her vision came to fruition, as well as the history of how the wineries in the Norfolk Region came to be.  This is the perfect time to get to know all of your travel companions, if you don’t already, tell jokes, sing songs, or anything else that you may find amusing.

NOTE:   Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the bus.

The tours chosen for your group will vary, but the following was the itinerary for the tour that I was on and for me it was perfect!  It really doesn’t get much better than a day of wine, beer, hard cider, cheese, and candy.

Hounds of Erie

At this winery, the planting and experimenting with various types of vines began in 2012.   By 2016 the vines were mature enough to bear fruit and the wine tasting began!  Also 2016 was the first year that Hounds of Erie was able to use their own apples to craft their very own hard cider.

Hounds of Erie in Norfolk County has the most amazing cider made with apples grown right on the farm.
Stop in to taste their cider.  It’s the best cider around!

The Hounds of Erie is best known for its hard ciders, which you will be happy to learn are made with no additives or sugars added.

Our particular cider tasting consisted of a few different types of hard cider, including Top Dog and the Sassy Bitch, all of which were yummy (and I’m not a cider lover).   My absolute favourite was the Sassy Bitch, and not just because the name suited me.  It really was yummy!  The Hounds of Erie really does offer the best hard cider in the Norfolk Region.

Hounds of Erie offers the best hard cider in the Norfolk Region.
Wines at Hounds of Erie (my favorite was Sassy Bitch)

If you are visiting the Norfolk Region, I highly recommend that you stop in, say hello and grab a tasting (or two).  If you are not in the area, it is well worth a special trip for the day just for a taste of the hard ciders produced at this up and coming vineyard.


Charlotteville Brewing Company

Next stop……beer AND cheese tasting!  I have to confess that I am not a beer lover, heck, I’m not even a beer drinker, but man this stuff was fantastic!  Pair the beer with cheese and it couldn’t have gotten any better!

Cheese and beer tasting at the Charlotteville Brewing Company in Norfolk County was the perfect place to spend time.
Enjoy a brew with friends

A life-long dream was brought to life in 2010, when this family purchased the farm and began planting hops.   Today, Charlotteville Brewing Company is a dream come true for the owners.  The brewery is currently operating out of two turn-of-the-century barns.  One houses a bar, sitting area and patio where patrons can enjoy a bite to eat, as well as taste the amazing beer.  There is also a sitting area with loads of books where you can really sit back and relax.

The second barn houses the brewery and it is in this barn that you will enjoy a freshly made lunch while on your tour.  I have to admit that this was the freshest salad that I have ever tasted.

The Charlotteville Brewing Company consists of 2 barns.  One for beer tasting and the 2nd barn is where the beer is brewed.

Don’t let looks deceive you!  Fantastic Beer!

The tasting consisted of three LARGE (and I mean very large) glasses of beer, along with cheese, grapes and crackers.  I honestly never thought beer and cheese could taste so good together.  The guide made learning the history of the brewery entertaining, fun and kept us laughing throughout the tour.

Beer tasting at the Charlotteville Brewing Company consisted of 3 very larges glasses of beer
I loved them all!

I can’t say if I had a favorite beer to try (I loved them all), so I guess you will just have to give them all a try when visiting Charlotteville Brewing Company.  The beer, the food, the atmosphere, and the hosts were absolutely amazing at this brewery.  I’ll be going back for another taste for sure!

Blueberry Hill Estates Winery

Our next stop, Blueberry Hill Estates Winery, was perfect for those people who have a sweet toothWine and candy!  Who would have thought?  It certainly wasn’t a combination that I thought that I would ever try, but I am sure glad that I did.

Candy, jams and blueberry wine are available for purchase at the Blueberry Hill Estates Winery in Norfolk County
Blueberry Hill Estates Winery

I am sure you guessed by the name of the winery, that its specialty is blueberries…..and yes, they do use the blueberries to make some of their wines.

During the wine and candy paring, we sampled the wineries fruit wine, made with….you guessed it….blueberries, as well as white wine, red wine and hard cider.

If wine isn’t your cup of tea, the farm also offers pick your own blueberries, as well as a market with homemade preserves, such as blueberry honey, maple syrup, jams and jellies, salsa and relish, as well as pickled vegetables.

Visit the market at the Blueberry Hill Estates Winery to pick up homemade preserves such as honey, maple syrup, jams, relish and salsa.
Grab a bite to eat at Blueberry Hill Estates Winery

Next time you are in Norfolk County, stop by Blueberry Hill Estates Winery to satisfy your sweet tooth with a tasting of their fruit wine.

Handpick your own blueberries at Blueberry Hills Winery in Ontario's Norfolk County
Blueberry Fields Forever!

Burning Kiln Winery

The Burning Kiln Winery which opened in 2011 was our last stop.  Norfolk County is historically known for its tobacco farms, many of which remain in existence today.   The Burning Kiln Winery has preserved and re-purposed the original tobacco barn in order to pay tribute to Region’s history.

The Burning Kiln Winery in Norfolk County has preserved and re-purposed the original tobacco barn in order to pay tribute to the Region's history.
Welcome to the Burning Kiln Winery – serving award winning wines

While the farm consists of 85 acres, only a small portion of the land is used for planting, which enables the winemakers to focus on the quality of the wine over the quantity of wine produced.

Visit the Burning Kiln Winery in Norfolk County for great wine tasting and non-stop entertainment
Wine tasting at the Burning Kiln Winery

During our tasting at this stop, we were treated to several award winning red and white wines, all while be entertained and increasing our knowledge of the history of the winery going back to the days of tobacco farming.

Each vine in this vineyard is tended to by hand, including pruning, cropping, netting and harvesting.  This is definitely a winery that I will be keeping my eye on as the vines mature.  The wine can only get better and better with every year that passes.

Tasting award winning wines at the Burning Kiln winery in Norfolk County

A visit to the Burning Kiln Winery is an absolute must!  Sit back, relax and sip on an award winning wine, all while taking in the beauty of the UNESCO-designated Long Point Bay World Biosphere Reserve.

Home Time – Leaving Norfolk County Wine Region!

The tour has now sadly come to an end, or so I thought.

Once we boarded our comfy bus to head home, we were given water and snacks…as if we hadn’t already eaten enough throughout the day!  As  Christine was familiar with the majority of the guests on this particular tour, she brought a game to entertain us which may or may not be suitable for all 🙂   The group on my tour were a hoot and we laughed the entire way home.

As a solo traveler and adventurer, I was made to feel welcome by Christine and the rest of the gang.  Meeting new people and making new friends is certainly one of the benefits of adventuring and traveling solo.

A great tour from Kitchener is with Buzz Tour Co. which takes you to the up and coming wine region in Norfolk County
Catch the Buzz with Buzz Tour Co

Buzz Tour Co specializes in tours accommodating 4 to 20 people, and  departs from the comfort of your place of business or your individual residence.  I was lucky enough to experience this tour on an open tour which is periodically offered to the general public.  If you are looking to schedule a corporate event, a bachelorette outing, or just a day out with some friends, I strongly recommend booking with Buzz Tour Co.  Christine will schedule the perfect itinerary for your outing, and her enthusiasm and bubbly personality  will keep you entertained for the entire day. A tour with Buzz Tour Co is certainly a tour to remember!

For a unique team building day, book a tour with Buzz Tour Co to explore the wineries in Norfolk County
Team Building with Buzz Tour Co

To schedule your tour, contact Christine at Buzz Tour Co. for a tour to Norfolk County. It is bound to be a tour to remember!


Kelly xoxo


46 thoughts on “A Tour to Remember with Buzz Tour Co. – Catch the Buzz

  1. gofargrowclose

    I feel a delightful hangover coming on just reading your blog. I LOVE cider. I’m from British Columbia and we have some wonderful ciders. I’d love to try some from Ontario soon!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. SherianneKay

    This sounds like a great experience to have in Norfolk. Love that the guide was not just informational but also funny, makes all the difference. I’m positive Blueberry Hill Estates Winery would be my favorite, I’m a fan of sweet wines

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Carrie Ann | Should Be Cruising

    What a fantastic tour! I love that they mixed it up with the wines, beers, and ciders. I’ve done winery and brewery tours, but nothing with this much variety. Then add cheese to it? This sounds like my kind of tour 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Medha Verma

    Not a fan of cider but I am definitely a wine person! The Buzz Tour Co sounds like a great way to learn about the history of wines and wineries in Norfolk County. Christine sounds like a great host as well, which only adds to the fun of taking a tour like this. A day of wine and food is totally up my alley!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ella

    This sounds like so much fun! I would never have thought to add a beer/wine tour to my Ontario itinerary, but you’ve got me thinking now 🙂 I always think it’s way more interesting if you can actually hear the history and information about what you’re drinking whilst you’re drinking it!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Kristin In Motion

    That sounds like a great tour! I love that it wasn’t all just beer or wine and they mixed it up a little. I’m dying to get up and explore Canada more!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Jen

    I’ve been hearing so much about the wines etc from the Ontario region in Canada, but not really this particular area. Great to know as we explore Canada more. (I also don’t often get to see images of snow covered vineyards–beautiful!)

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  11. Michelle Segrest

    What a super fun tour! Thanks so much for taking us along with you! I would love to see that Burning Kiln Winery! Actually it all looks really cool and I love that the tour provides a lot of the history! Thanks for the buzz!!!

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