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A Senior Solo Female Traveller

Join me on my travels and adventures and learn to travel solo like a pro!

Hi! I'm Kelly, the face behind Just One Passport.  I'm a senior solo traveller, who loves adventure, hiking, and meeting new people.

Hey there!  I’m Kelly, an adventurous solo traveller from Canada and the face behind Just One Passport. Did I mention that I’m also an empty-nester and a senior solo traveller from the baby boomer era?

I’m always seeking a new adventure and I’m addicted to travel. In 2010 I began travelling the world solo, in search of every adventure that this wonderful world has to offer. I’m now travelling solo like a pro and lovin it!

“I learned my strengths and my weaknesses. I experienced the exhileration of the ups and the despaires of the lows and most of the feelings in between….I learned courage and I learned it myself”


My passion is travel.  My objective is to inspire you.  Join me as I share my travels and adventures in the hopes of encouraging you to escape your comfort zone and step out into the world of solo travel, just one step at a time.

Follow me on my journeys and adventures as I provide you with the tips, suggestions, recommendations, inspiration and the motivation that you will need in order to take your first step into the world of solo travel. There is beauty around every corner waiting to be discovered and I don’t want you to miss out!


If you have ever travelled solo, you will be familiar with the phrase “just one”.  I’ll be honest, there isn’t much that ticks me off more than being asked “for how many”. I’m tempted to look around for my imaginary friends (and have done on occasion)…..hence the name “Just One”.  Add the love of travel and voila….Just One Passport was born!

Meet Kelly of Just One Passport, a boomer who travels solo and loves it!  When she's not travelling, you'll find Kelly exploring at home.


When I’m not travelling, it will only be because I’m working.  Yes….I still work full-time and am employed as a Corporate/Commercial Law Clerk.  I’m a legal beagle by day and an adventure seeker and travel addict at nights and weekends.

I almost love road trips as much as I love to travel. As long as I’m seeing new things and experiencing new adventures, I’m one happy camper….yes, this senior traveller still loves to camp (in a tent I might add).


Last but not least, the true loves of my life are my 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  Without their love and support, I would not be the goofy, adventurous, and fun-loving mom and nana that I am today.  It was my two girls who encouraged me to get into the world of blogging to share my adventures and travels and inspire others to live their best life and to learn to travel solo like a pro. My grandchildren also love to hear what new antics their nana has been up to.

I encourage each and every one of you to spread your wings and not “wait until the time is right”.  Tomorrow is never promised my friends, so I dare you to escape your comfort zone, just one step at a time! You’ll be travelling solo like a pro in no time at all!

Join Just One Passport, a female senior solo traveller, as she travels the world solo like a pro!

Remember…you’re never to old to try something new and beauty is lurking around every corner just waiting to be discovered.


Kelly xoxo

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  1. Hannah

    Thanks for the great guide! I love going out for a day hike! The one thing I’ve never got round to invest in is hiking poles. I want to take a look though because we’ve taken on a few more challenging hikes recently where we would have benefitted from them!


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