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One of the beauties of travel is stumbling across those little hidden gems.  Travelling in our own backyard is no different, and Lover’s Lane in Kincardine, Ontario is just one of those hidden gems. If you ever take a road trip to this sleepy beach town, I recommend that you take a stroll down Lover’s Lane. You don’t have to be a couple to access Lover’s Lane. This pathway is suitable for solo travellers as well.

Lover’s Lane – In My Own Backyard

You will find Lover’s Lane along the shores of Lake Huron on the “north” side of Kincardine.  It is a short trail which will consist of a 5 minute walk (maximum), and can be accessed by either Saugeen Street or the Kincardine Rock Gardens.  The short trail has become known as Lover’s Lane for a reason….um, um…..I can’t tell you why (snicker).

Lover's Lane is a short laneway along Lake Huron on the north side in the Town of Kincardine, Ontario
Some of the little finds along Lover’s Lane

Fun Fact:  The locals rival over which side of the Town is better, the “south side” or the “north side”.  My preference is the “north side” for sure.  

Whether you are just out for a short walk along Lake Huron’s never-ending shoreline, or you are on the trail for the “unknown” reason, take the time to stop and admire the little trinkets that you spot along the way.

Discover small trinkets of interest when walking down Lover's Lane along the shores of Lake Huron in Kincardine, Ontario
Secret Garden, Lover’s Lane, Kincardine, Ontario
Kincardine is a popular Ontario summer destinations for cottagers escaping city life
Hop a bike if you get tired of walking…….JUST KIDDING!

If you have nothing better to do, the lake can also be accessed from this trail and it is the perfect location to get away from the crowds and to spend a peaceful afternoon lazing in the sun…..this just might be why it’s called Lover’s Lane 🙂

take and swim and enjoy the views of Lake Huron from Lover's Lane, in the Town of Kincardine, Ontario
The view of the lake and “north” pier from Lover’s Lane

“The word “question” originates from the Latin word quaestio, which means to seek.  Inside the word question is the word “quest”, suggesting that within every question is an adventure, a pursuit which can lead us to hidden treasurer.” – Tom Wujec

The beach is accessible from Lover's Lane and is secluded from the main beaches
Access to the secluded beach from Lover’s Lane

If you are visiting Kincardine this summer, it is worth the short jaunt down Lover’s Lane to see what little treasurers you can find.

Safe Travels 🙂

Kelly xoxo


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