In My Own Backyard

Welcome To My Own Backyard

As travel is currently restricted and adventures are limited, please join me every Wednesday as I share a post featuring a park, a trail, a building, a coffee shop, an attraction, an adventure or just the life in My Own Backyard.

My Own Backyard will cover communities all across Ontario, Canada, and I intend to feature the beauty, culture and diversity that Ontario has to offer, through my weekly posts of My Own Backyard.  I hope that in some way, My Own Backyard will inspire my fellow Ontarian’s to get out and explore the beauty of our own back yard.  When travel once again opens up, I invite all of my fellow travel lovers to join me in discovering the beauty of My Own Backyard, but until then you can see it through my eyes every Wednesday.

Kincardine, Ontario, Canada offers some of the best sunsets in the world
Lake Huron Sunset – In My Own Backyard

“There’s no place like home”

Bye for now!  I am off exploring and I will see you next Wednesday with another shot of My Own Backyard.  Until next time….

Kelly xoxo


5 thoughts on “In My Own Backyard

      1. adnabilah

        I’d be the first one to agree that it’s quite awesome indeed 🙂 I had a chance to solo travel for 40 days straight using VIA Rail from Edmonton to Halifax (and then CBI) then all the way to Vancouver back in 2017. Best year of my life!

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