A Fun Way To Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Home

I don’t think that it will come as a surprise to learn that we are currently living through a pandemic and the entire world has shut down. Unfortunately that also means that there is no non-essential travel allowed…at least from Canada where I live 😦 This has left me asking myself how am I going to take my dream vacation for my 60th birthday?

As an avid traveller I have travelled to many Countries, but as of yet I have not been to Europe. The plan was to travel to Spain for my 60th birthday but unfortunately that trip didn’t quite go as planned, so that destination will have to stay on my bucket list for at least one more year.

During times such as these, it is necessary for the avid traveller to be imaginative and innovative when it comes to travel and satisfying your wanderlust while at the same time staying at home. I was determined that I was going to visit Spain for my birthday and then it hit me…..I will travel to Spain while staying at home. I am sure you are asking yourself, is this girl nuts, that can’t be done. Well I am here to tell you that it certainly can be done and this is how I managed to travel and satisfy my wanderlust at the same time while staying at home. With a little imagination you too can travel to your dream destination while staying at home.

Ways To Satisfy Your Wanderlust While At Home

There are many ways that we can satisfy our wanderlust while staying at home. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can:

  • watch a podcast or movie featuring your dream destination
  • sort through your travel pictures and insert into a photo album or if you are feeling creative, make a photo collage
  • read books about different destinations
  • plan your next trip so that you are ready to go when we can travel again
  • go on a weekend staycation. Even 1 night away can help to satisfy your wanderlust
  • take stock of your travel accessories and make some new purchases
  • be like a tourist and explore your hometown
  • enjoy the great outdoors by taking lots of hikes or even spend a night or two camping out under the stars

There are many ways that you can satisfy your wanderlust while being at home, but my absolute favourite way was to actually bring my dream destination into my home.

Research Fun Ways to Travel at Home

Once I realized that I wasn’t able to travel to Spain, I was determined to bring Spain to me. I researched the food, drink, decor, and clothing that is popular in Spain and brought it into my home from the comfort of my couch. The research provided me with some insight into the Spanish culture which I would have experienced had I been able to travel to Spain.

Set up a photo booth and dress like the people do at the destination of your choice
Smile for the camera πŸ™‚


When deciding on the decor to use, I chose red and yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag. I decorated the table with a yellow table cloth and large red and yellow flowers as a centerpiece. I also decorated the coffee table in the adjoining living room to match the dining area.


Through my research, I determined that tapas were very popular in Spain and they were also perfect for a mid-day snack while we were travelling from home. So tapas it was!

On the menu….

  • charcuterie board with various specialty cheeses and Spanish meat
  • olives
  • cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil and garlic
  • fresh baked bread with a roasted garlic bread dip
  • churros for a little something sweet
Prepare a Spanish feast of tapas and eat like the locals do in Spain
Tapas Anyone?

Food containing healthy fats is also popular in Spain, hence the olives, the garlic cherry tomatoes, and bread dip.


The Spanish love their wine, especially red wine which was right up my alley. But did you know that the most popular drink in Spain is Sangria? I also added this drink the menu, after all you can’t go to Spain without trying their most popular drink and when travelling from home you are able to have as much as you want….and that I did!

The Spanish love their Sangria's and I found the perfect recipe.

Sangria Anyone?


  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 large orange
  • 1 large green apple
  • 1 lemon
  • ice


If you are not a fan of red wine, add a little soda water or gingerale.


Yes, the Spanish wear the same clothing that we wear here in North America, but I wanted to have a little bit of fun while visiting Spain from home. What better way to do this than to set up a photo booth!

Again using the colours of the Spanish flag, I purchased decorations from the party store which I taped to the wall in order to provide a backdrop for our photo booth.

What is a photo booth without props???? I purchased tape on mustaches and a Spanish bolero (a type of hat), as well as a lace shawl (the Spanish love their lace). The photo booth provided us with a couple of hours of fun and entertainment, and a ton of laughs.

Spanish Language

When in Spain you have to blend in and what better way to do this than to learn a little bit of Spanish. My Spanish is limited at best, but the flash cards I purchased helped a little with this and also provided us with some fun and entertainment.

Learn to speak a little Spanish with que cards
Learn the language and some of the culture of your destination

Music, Movies and Entertainment

To extend your time abroad, make a party out of it. Play music that is popular in your chosen destination, kick up your heals and do a little dancing. If you want something a little more subdued, watch a movie filmed at your destination of choice.



Travelling while staying home might not be quite the same as travelling to the destination of your dreams, but with a little imagination it is possible to satisfy your wanderlust through travel at home. Invite your travel buddies over for a night of fun and laughter and you can all satisfy your wanderlust together. Your options are unlimited!


Kelly xoxo


6 thoughts on “A Fun Way To Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Home

  1. klmalcolm2014

    This is great! There are also ways to travel in the US that are low risk. I am on a road trip for the next several months. I choose hotels that are serious about protecting their employees and guests, and I plan stops where I can hike, kayak or ride a horse. You can bike almost anywhere. I look for outdoor art installations, which are all over the place these days, like sculpture gardens, murals — and they are easy to find online (try Atlas Obscura). I do take out or get groceries and stay in hotels where I can cook or use a microwave (I do not go in grocery stores except rarely — prefer to use Instacart). It’s working out great so far! https://kimmie53.com/ Looking forward to your updates!

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