My Travel Bucket List

Fun things and Adventures to Do

I am sure that anyone who loves to travel has a bucket list of one type or another.  That is everyone but me.  I just never got around to putting pen to paper to create a written bucket list.  I wanted to see it all!

Who doesn’t want to cruise to a remove, private island in the Bahamas?

As I have begun the dreaded aging process and have unfortunately hit my middle age years, I have come to realize the importance of having my bucket list in writing.  I have finally sat down and put pen to paper.  For now, my bucket list is complete.  At least until tomorrow lol.

How are you making out with your bucketlist?

In the past whenever I had vacation time or a free weekend, I would always try to decide what things I wanted to do and what I wanted to see.  There are just so many choices that I was never able to decide, so I stayed home.  Every time that I did this, I felt that life was passing me by and time was wasted.  Not anymore!  My bucket list has been essential in my goal setting, as well as keeping me focused on saving the money needed to fulfill these goals and dreams.

Are lazy beach days with a private butler on your bucketlist?

My bucket list includes long term vacations, weekend getaways, road trips and some simple fun adventures.   I now have fun and adventures activities to do ready at my fingertips, whenever the opportunity arises.

“The world is your oyster”

Have you put pen to paper and created your bucket list yet?


Kelly xoxo


9 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. celly1989

    I love your list and I agree, we should strive to make greater use of our weekends or free time to do something like a road trip or small vacation. Of course, sometimes you need to just stay home and rest, but not all the time.

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