Let’s Get Ready for Takeoff

Safety Tips for the Solo Traveller

Travel can be a little intimidating and stressful, as we all fear the unknown. This is even truer for those who choose to travel solo.

To assist in helping you feel more at ease when travelling solo, I have put together a list of items which will make the thought of travelling solo a little less intimidating.

Safety for Solo Travellers
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Here we go……

⇒Research, research and more research.  Research is the key to successful solo travel

⇒Choose a destination that is within your comfort zone

⇒Arrange travel/health insurance before leaving to your destination

⇒Scan passport, credit cards, health card, travel insurance documents, flight tickets. Email all of these documents to yourself so that you have everything on your phone, as well as to a trusted friend or family member

⇒Make arrangements to have your mail collected

⇒If you will be gone for an extensive period of time (over 2 weeks), make arrangements to have your house checked periodically

⇒Research tours and attractions.  Make a list of all of the “must see’s” and “must do’s”. Book in your absolute “must do” tours in advance if possible, in order to avoid disappointment

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Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia. Perfect place for lunch
Vancouver Harbor, British Columbia

⇒When booking your flights, always ensure that you arrive during daylight hours.  Have your transportation to your hotel planned beforehand, if possible, otherwise, grab a “licensed” taxi from the airport.  Make sure you research the taxi service at your destination

⇒Make arrangements for travel to the airport. I prefer to take a limousine or airport taxi service. The last thing I want to do is drive over an hour home when returning from my vacation

⇒Research the destination to determine the “safe” areas and book your hotels in these areas. Always avoid the questionable areas of your destination

The homeless section of Vancouver where the majority of the shelters are

⇒Once you have your flights, hotels and tours booked, make an itinerary which contains the names of hotels, destinations, events and telephone numbers.  Give this to a trusted friend or family member, as well as email it to yourself so that you have it on your phone

⇒Find the contact information for the law enforcement at your destination, as well as your Country’s consulate. This should be stored in your phone and available to you at all times

⇒Carry your valuables in your front pocket and store your cash and credit cards in various different places

⇒Always carry your passport with you. Leave a photocopy of your passport in your suitcase.  Always have a copy of your passport stored on your phone in the event that your passport gets lost or stolen

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⇒Research culture, religion, dress, etc. of the destination you are visiting.  Remember,  you are a guest and should always follow the culture of your destination.  Avoid drawing attention to yourself

Follow host country's culture whenever travelling
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

⇒When touring an unfamiliar destination, stay in the well populated areas and avoid alleyways and secluded areas

⇒Never disclose the name of your accommodations, destinations, etc. to strangers, no matter how nice they may seem. Be friendly, make friends, but never provide personal information.  Never let on that you are travelling alone

⇒Do not explore after dark, unless you are extremely familiar with the area, or have met up with a trusted person

⇒Always be aware of your surroundings. Be alert,  do not use your cellphone or earbuds unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not become distracted. Sit and/or stand with your back against a wall or barrier so that you are always aware of your surroundings

Safety when travelling solo. Be aware of your surroundings
Valen’s Conservation Area, Canada

⇒Leave all valuables at home and do not to wear flashy jewellery and/or clothing.  Be conservative in your attire

⇒Be prepared if you find yourself lost. Ensure that you have a map of your destination installed on your phone or carry a map with you

⇒Never, ever get intoxicated or leave your drink unattended

Watch your alcohol intake whenever travelling solo
Limit your alcohol intake whenever travelling solo

⇒Post on social media every day or two so that your friends and family know you are safe.  They will also enjoy seeing your photos

⇒ Exude confidence.  Walk with a purpose and make eye contact. Always smile.
Be friendly but firm, if need be

⇒ Always have your cellphone fully charged

⇒Listen to your gut! If a situation doesn’t feel right, it likely isn’t. Remove yourself

stay on well lit roads and in well lit areas whenever travelling solo
Avoid dark alleyways and streets.  Stay in well lit areas.

⇒Even though it is recommended to have an itinerary prior to leaving for your destination, don’t plan every second of every day.  Leave yourself some free time to relax or just explore your local surroundings

⇒ Try something new that you have never tried before. Whether it be food or an activity or something else, get out of your comfort zone and live!  Have fun!

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try the food and experience the culture whenever travelling
Try the local food

Although this list appears extensive, the key to successful travel is to prepare, prepare, prepare and research, research, and more research.

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I would love to hear how you prepare for a successful travel experience!  Leave me a comment or fire me off an email.  I’d love to hear from you!

Safe and Happy Travels!!!

Kelly xoxo




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