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As an avid hiker, I am always looking for the best day hikes to do wherever I am and even more so when I travel. In order to help you find the best day hikes around the world, I have collaborated with some of my travel blogger friends from across the globe who are excited to share their best day hikes they’ve found around the world with all of you. ENJOY!

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CANADA, Kamloops, British Columbia

Recommended by:  Cassandra from Karpiak Caravan

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

This 4.8 kilometer hike is perhaps the most well known hike in Kamloops, British Columbia and it handsomely rewards you with the most spectacular views once you reach the summit.

The trail will take roughly 1.5 hours and begins with an easy doable track through the trees but then opens up with spectacular vistas as you progress closer to the summit. The trail is quite moderate most of the way but it does become a steep, rocky single track the rest of the way as it seesaws up to the summit.

The majority of the trail is exposed so be sure to bring water, especially in the summer and just take your time along the way if needed. The trail is dog friendly and is possible to do with kids but make sure to keep them close when you arrive at the Bluffs because there are cliffs all around with steep drop-offs. The vista’s from the summit are truly worth the effort of the hike as you can see the valley and the deep waters of Kamloops Lake.

If you speak to any Kamloops resident about which hike is the best, the majority will tell you about Battle Bluff. Its reputation is vast and for good reason. With the diversity of vegetation throughout the hike, to the elevation changes and terminating with views you have never experienced in this area, there is little surprise why Battle Bluff is a favourite of many. Even the drive to the parking area is lovely in itself, as you follow the river and head out past the old Tranquille Sanitorium. Keep your camera handy as there are many opportunities for photo ops. One of my favourites is the rusted out car halfway through the hike.

This hike is amazing rain or shine and you are encouraged to leave your name in the book at the top to join the list of many others who have come before you.

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If you’re searching for the best Fall Foliage Hikes in Canada, look no further than right here!

CANADA, Toronto, Ontario

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Although I have been on many amazing hikes during my travels, from volcanoes in Costa Rica, glaciers in Alaska, and mountains in Western Canada, I enjoyed hiking the Floradale Trail just as much and it is right here at home.

Ontario is a very flat part of Canada, which makes for easy hiking on the majority of the trails.  The Floradale Trail only has an elevation gain of 202 meters which makes it suitable for hikers of all fitness levels, as well as families and even dogs (on a leash of course).

The Floradale Trail is an easy 7.2 kilometer loop trail located an hour southwest of Toronto, smack dab in the heart of Mennonite Country. Although you won’t find mountains or pristine lakes, you will be rewarded with ever-changing views of nature, as well as a glimpse into a different culture, all which make this an enjoyable trail for a day hike.

The first half of the hike along Floradale Trail is on well-groomed trails and circles the Woolwich Dam and Reservoir. Fishing is in abundance in this area of the hike if you thought to bring along a fishing pole.

Once you have circled the reservoir, the trail will then lead onto private property. It is at this point of the hike that the trail becomes more natural and is not as well groomed, but it is by far my favourite part of the hike.

During this last half of the hike, you will hike through corn fields, apple orchards, maple syrup bushes, and yes even horse farms, all of which are operated by members of the Mennonite community. Explore one of the sugar shacks that you will undoubtedly stumble upon, as well as the unexpected lines tapping into the maple trees to extract the sap for the maple syrup.

The trails along the second part of this day hike are very poorly marked and it will be very easy to get lost (at least for me it was). I recommend downloading the AllTrails app to help you out with this part of the hike.

Once you have completed your day hike, you might want to visit the Mennonite restaurant in Floradale, which is across the street from one of the trailheads. It is the only one, you can’t miss it!

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CANADA, Whistler, British Columbia

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Garibaldi Lake is one of the most popular and instagrammed hikes in Whistler – just a 1.5 hour drive from Vancouver. This hike is a total of 17 kilometer return with an elevation gain of 980 metres. Every summer people flock to this provincial park to get a glimpse of the pristine turquoise waters. It is one of the glacial lakes I have seen in Canada.

The hike up to Garibaldi Lake starts at the Rubble Creek trailhead parking lot. On weekends this area can get very busy so arriving early is a must if you want to get a parking space. The trail to Garibaldi Lake is relatively well maintained and wide enough for 2-3 people so is easy to pass people on the way up or down. Around half way into the hike you will encounter some switchbacks. Eventually you’ll arrive to a junction with one route leading to Taylor Meadows and the other to Garibaldi.

There are several camping options around Garibaldi Lake should you wish to spend the night here. There are campgrounds at Garibaldi Lake itself as well as Taylor Meadows which is a 30-minute walk away. If you are camping overnight there are other hikes that you can carry on to including both Panorama Ridge and Black Tusk.

It’s always important to remember to carry the 10 hiking essentials and bring bear spray as there are black bears and grizzly bears in the area.

Nothing can compare to seeing this beauty in real life. The colours really pop on a sunny day and it is hard to believe that the water really is this blue! This day hike is considered a moderate hike and you should allow 5-6 hours to complete as a day hike.

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Garibaldi  Lake is one of the best instagrammable hikes in the world.  The views are breathtaking.
WOW!!! ALL THAT BEAUTY! A VISIT TO WESTERN CANADA IS A MUST! Canada offers some of the best day hikes in the world!


Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate

Size doesn’t matter; Quindio is Colombia’s smallest county and lies in the triangle of the Country’s most important cities Bogota, Cali, and Medellin. Since it is crossed by the Andes Mountains, it is hilly and, hence, known as the fertile coffee region. It is an earthly garden of Eden! Quindio’s most alluring town is called Salento. Here, picturesque cobblestone alleys and cute little houses painted in bold colors are pleasing the eye. You will want to stay forever.

But you shouldn’t. Go! Leave Salento in the southwest and just follow the small road that then becomes a trail. It will lead you over rolling hills and through lush valleys to the coffee farms scattered between wild-growing bushes and trees in a million shades of green. If you like, stop at one of the farms for coffee. They will be happy to show you around and let you sample their “black gold”.

The nicest and truly unmissable hike, however, starts about 8 miles east of Salento. It is the Valle de Cocora and you can easily get there by one of the jeeps waiting for passengers in Salento’s central square.

Although it is possible to just stroll straight to the valley where the fascinating wax palms are growing up to 200 feet high, you definitely should opt for hiking on a designated trail through the abundant rainforest. It takes about 5 hours and is not extremely difficult. However, it is a jungle trail going up and down – and yes, there are some pretty steep areas. You cannot do this day hike in comfy trainers, you should definitely wear hiking boots with gripping profile soles. You have to climb over rocks and roots, wade through mud and horse droppings, and cross creeks over some makeshift bridges.

Also, don’t underestimate the heat and humidity. After half an hour, I was soaked. Therefore, besides enough drinking water, you might want to bring a second shirt with you. In any case, you should have sun protection and a hat and possibly some repellent with you. However, about halfway in the jungle is an enchanting reserve where you can observe different species of hummingbirds as well as wildlife – and most importantly, they have a snack bar where you can grab a bite and buy a drink.

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Difficulty Level:  Moderate

I have done dozens of hikes in my second home country, the Dominican Republic. If I would have to pick ONE trail and recommend it to someone who just would like to do the most exciting day-hike in the Dominican Republic, I would pick La Rejolla. This is a group of waterfalls, that you can explore far away from every tourist trail and which makes up for an amazing day hike, where you can also swim in several natural waterfall pools.

The hike to La Rejolla is located along the north coast of the Dominican Republic, close to Puerto Plata, the counterpart of the famous Punta Cana. You can find the trailhead in the little village of Camu, located along the road from Puerto Plata to Yásica Arriba. The hike has a total distance of 6 miles / 10 kilometers and tackles a vertical height of approx. 650 feet / 200 meters, so it is not a particularly challenging hike regarding distance and elevation. While the trail is a typical jungle trek and – for Caribbean standards – easy to walk, there is a little difficulty in between as you have to climb up a little vertical rock wall (approx. 6 feet high) to proceed after the first waterfall. As the wall has some steps in between, it is doable if you are in decent shape and/or if you help each other.

The fascination of La Rejolla (and the reason why I am recommending it as the best day hike in the Dominican Republic) originates in the opportunity to discover 4 beautiful waterfalls in one hike. And those are not just random ones, each waterfall is so gorgeous that it would be worth a separate hike. While the first one is beautiful and ideal for a dip into the natural swimming pool, the second waterfall is particularly picturesque as it is a double waterfall. The third one makes you feel like you are in Africa and the last one is the Grand Finale and the highest one of these 4 waterfalls.

When you visit La Rejolla, it is very recommendable to go with a guide, as we nearly missed the trail a couple of times. You will cross the river multiple times and even walk in it, so be prepared to get wet and muddy. Take your swimsuits and a fully charged camera/phone, you will need it when visiting this hidden gem in the Dominican Republic. La Rejolla is totally off-the-beaten-track, so most likely, especially during the week, you won’t see any other tourist here.

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FINLAND, Lapland

Recommended by:  Tarja from Out in Nature

Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate

Riisitunturi National Park in Posio, Southern Lapland in Finland, is one of the best places for people of all ages to enjoy incredible views over dense, green forests and endless wilderness lakes. Posio is right at the centre of reindeer country, and reindeers roam freely on the fells, forests, and often even in the middle of roads. There is also a variety of other wildlife in the area such as bears and lynx as well as eagle-owls and black grouse. For those looking for once in a lifetime experience, the clear and unobstructed top of Riisitunturi is an excellent place to view the Northern Lights in the winter!

The Riisitunturi area is about 300 meters about sea level, and for the most part, the park is formed by spruce forests and even some wetlands. In winter, the moisture from these wetlands and bogs rises to form heavy snow called crown snow on top of the trees. One spruce can carry up to 3-4 tons of snow, so it is no wonder Riisitunturi is a winter favourite of all nature photographers.

All trails at Riisitunturi are circular tracks, so it is easy for visitors to choose the most suitable one for them. There are story boards both in Finnish and English along the trails pointing out different sights, so this trail is well suitable for those who don’t understand a word of Finnish.

One of the most popular trails for a day hike is the “Riisin rääpäsy” (Rip of Riisi in English), a circular trail, which is about 4.5km (2.8mi) long. The hike starts to snake up the fell almost immediately after the official gate to the national park, and it continues high above the tree line. Almost all the tracks at Riisitunturi are covered in gravel. They are also very well marked with tall poles and coloured markers, so even in deep snow, the tracks are visible to those snowshoeing or skiing. The top of the fell is the highest peak in the area (466m/1530ft), so the views are exceptionally good.

Riisitunturi offers quintessentially Finnish panoramas for all visitors, and the Riisin rääpäsy -trail also has handy wilderness cottages as well as fresh berries ripe for eating, an additional perk for hikers. If you have ever wanted to experience naturally formed infinity pools, Riisitunturi has these serene, crystal-clear mountain lakes scattered along the trail as an added bonus, which makes Riisitunturi one of the best day hikes in the world.

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HUNGARY, The Tokaj Region

Difficulty Level:  Medium to Difficult

What a better place to do a hike than in a wine region?  That is why I share with you all of the details for a day hike in the Tokaj Region of Hungary.  It is the perfect place for a day hike and enables you to enjoy the views, the vineyards and of course a bit of wine at the end of the day hike.

The hike in total is an 11 kilometer walk.  It begins in the Tarcal trail station up to the Statue of the Blessed Christ where you can enjoy the view of the Tarcal city.  This part of the hike is quite easy as the hill is not tall or steep.  After that, you go down the hill and jump to the next one which will take you to the Tokaj town.  This part of the hike can be difficult as it is a taller, steeper hill which includes a portion with no shadows.  

Once you reach the top of the hill, which is a TV antenna, the rest of the hike is all downhill through a forest.  This makes the ending of the hike perfect as you can enjoy the nature surrounding you.

Throughout the entire trail, follow the red signs for hikers which will take you to Tokaj.  Once you get there you can walk around in the city and enjoy the local wine. I recommend Takaj-Hetszolo.

Some of my recommendations for this day hike are:

  • Wear long trousers.  There are many mosquitoes and many of the plants have thorns.  A portion of the train is irregular, so in the case of a fall long pants will reduce the risk of scrapes
  • Bring snacks, especially dry fruits and nuts.  These will help to keep the energy levels up
  • Bring a cap and sunscreen, especially during the summer months

The vineyards are what I loved most about this hike.  You can walk around them and see the grapes growing.  When you get to Tokaj, you can enjoy time at the local “beach”.  It is at the riverside of the Duna and there is a restaurant next to it which serves Hungarian food.  And lastly, finish off the day with a wine and cheese tasting.  It is literally the cherry on top!

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Difficulty Level:  Difficult

There are so many amazing hikes in East Java, Indonesia, that it can be hard to know which one to pick! While Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijenn sunrise hikes are popular hikes in Bali, personally I enjoyed them as part of my epic Java itinerary. If you love unique hiking opportunities, you should also include Tumpak Sewu waterfall on your itinerary!

The one that really sticks in my mind is the Mt. Ijen volcano sunrise hike! Not only do you get to watch the sunrise over one of the biggest crater lakes in the world, at night time there is a BLUE FLAME that literally burns bright on the side of the mountain! This natural phenomenon makes this hike feel like a crazy adventure and is unlike anything that I have seen before.

You also have to wear a gas mask during the hike because of the fumes. While anyone with good/moderate fitness can take on the hike, this is definitely something to consider if you have asthma or any breathing or lung problems. Otherwise, take good hiking boots as the terrain is steep and, while it begins with a good path, it turns into rocks the further you get up the mountain. It is important to be prepared for this rough terrain as it is easy to lose your footing in the dark.

Hiking back down in the daylight is an amazing way to see the stunning scenery which surrounds the volcano. Personally I spent the night in Banyuwangi beforehand and got a shared car to the beginning of the hike. Take a warm jacket plus alternative cooler layers for the hike back down, snacks and water, plus a torch as it is very dark walking up at night (except the blue fire of course).

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NEW ZEALAND, Queenstown/Christchurch

Difficulty Level:  Easy

New Zealand is known for some pretty awesome hikes, many of which are multi-day treks. But luckily for those of us less experienced hikers, there’s the Hooker Valley Trek. It’s hands-down the best hike in New Zealand for the minimal effort it requires.

The Hooker Valley Trek is the most popular of several hikes in New Zealand’s Mount Cook National Park. This insanely gorgeous park is home to New Zealand’s tallest mountain, Mount Cook Aoraki, and it is located roughly halfway between Queenstown and Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. The only settlement in the park is Mount Cook Village, which is the best place to stay overnight if hiking multiple trails in the park. Otherwise, a half-day visit to the park just to hike the Hooker Valley Trek is perfectly fine.

The trailhead for the Hooker Valley Trek is at the White Horse Hill Campsite, located at the northernmost end of Mount Cook Village. From the trailhead, it is three miles (five kilometers) of a relatively flat, clear path passing over glacial lakes and streams, by hanging glaciers, and finally ending at an up-close view of snow-capped Mount Cook Aoraki itself. Once here, definitely stay a while to enjoy the scenery while resting at the wooden picnic tables available at the trail end. Since the Hooker Valley Trek is an out-and-back trail, return back to Mount Cook Village once ready using the same path. All in all, this hike will be six miles (ten kilometers) and roughly three hours round trip.

The best part about this stunning trek is how much scenery it provides from start to finish, unlike hikes that provide the reward at the very end. And due to the fact that this hike is not too much effort or difficulty, you can focus all your attention on these jaw-dropping surroundings the entire time, making the Hooker Valley Trek one of the best day hikes for all skill levels.

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SPAIN, Begur, Catalonia Region

Difficulty Level:  Easy to Difficult (depending on route taken)

The GR-92 is the longest coastal route of the western Mediterranean, stretching from the southern border of the Costa Brava in Blanes right up to Port Bou on the France / Spain border.

Routes involve walking through the thick coastal pine forests which are typical of the region. Paths along the coves & beaches, (calas /platjas) are impeccably maintained with stunning, curling stone stairways. The GR-92 routes (marked red & white) aren’t as steep or rocky as local coastal paths, which involve some scrambling over loose rock.

In July and August when the temperature averages 30 degrees, heat gets trapped under the pine trees which makes it feel like hiking in a sauna! Walking these routes is more comfortable in May,June & September. The sea temperature is also a pleasant 15-20 degrees at this time of year so you can enjoy a swim at the end of your walk!

If you venture off the GR-92 onto the coastal paths which allow you to stay closer to the sea, (like we did) the terrain is often steep, rocky and paths hang over cliffs. The guidebooks don’t recommend these paths for inexperienced hikers or children. The GR-92 route is longer because it comes slightly inland in order to avoid these areas but the paths are safer and easier.

After walking this section of the ‘Camins de Ronda’ GR-92 you will realize why it is frequently voted the most spectacular coastline in Spain. Crossing the mountain ‘massifs’ to drop along Begur’s stunning and unspoiled coves is said to be one best hiking experiences in Europe and I would have to agree! On foot you will experience this amazing landscape with all of your senses; the heavenly heat-warmed aroma of
wild herbs and pine forests, and the buzzing of the cicadas
. The views from the peak of the Puig de Sa Guardia or the old Cap de Begur lighthouse are particularly memorable; tiny flecks of yachts passing like seagulls over the vast stillness of the Mediterranean, its waters transforming from sparkling sapphire to emerald in its horse-shoe coves.

Finish the hike by falling into Aigua Blava’s crystal waters and eating fish caught off the very same beach.

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Difficulty Level:  Moderate

These stunning white chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters located between Seaford and Eastbourne, are part of the South Downs National Park in East Sussex, UK. We love the south east coast of England, especially Eastbourne and hiking the Seven Sisters. Hiking the Seven Sisters may be adventurous, but it’s also a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the large city, to a quiet, and remote area, admiring the great views of the landscape, and out across the English Channel. What we love about the Seven Sisters is not only the ability to get out into the countryside and hike these beautiful white cliffs, but it is a great chance for families to get out and get active with other activities, such as wildlife watching, cycling and canoeing on the Cuckmere River.

By starting in Cuckmere Haven, the trail will take you across pathways, pebbled beaches, grassland, and loose chalk. You always need to be prepared and wear appropriate footwear for the hike.

Like with any hike, you will always need to think of your safety.  The loose chalk could cause you to slip and injure yourself. So, you must be careful and watch where you put your feet. But the biggest safety issue is the cliffs falling into the water below, and it is not uncommon for tourists to stand on the cliff edge, just so they can get the best selfie, but this is highly dangerous! For your own safety, stay away from the edge.

Once you have reached Birlin Gap, you have made it over the Seven Sisters, now you can relax back on the beach below the cliffs. Just be aware that the cliff could fall away onto the beach. If this wasn’t enough for you, you can continue your hike up to Belle Tout Light House, where you can get incredible views of the Seven Sisters, before continuing on over Beach Head and into Eastbourne.

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Enjoying the views taking a day hike at the Seven Sisters is a great activity when visiting East Sussex in the United Kingdom

UNITED STATES, Springdale, Utah

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

The Narrows is easily one of the most stunning and breathtaking day hikes around the world, and everyone should experience at least once. It is located in Zion National Park in Southern Utah near the city of Springdale. For reference, it is roughly 2.5 hours by car from Las Vegas, Nevada, where the closest major airport is located.  Zion National Park is also a little more than a half hour drive from St. George where you can enjoy 5 more beautiful free hikes.

This day hike is in the middle of a slot canyon through the light emerald-colored waters of the Virgin River, which is what makes this such a unique experience. I was constantly in awe as I turned every corner looking up at the steep cliffs that are up to 1,300 feet tall! 

The Narrows is an easy to moderate out and back hike, where you hike as far as you’d like and turn around to head back. The deeper you go into the canyon, the narrower the walls get and the more difficult the hike as you scramble over larger rocks and boulders.  

The trail is 16 miles total in length although most hikers walk anywhere from 2-10 miles roundtrip. The first mile of the hike is a paved path called Riverside Walk, and the remainder is along and in the river over small to large rocks. Most of the hike is shaded with some pockets of sunlight.   

The water levels vary in different parts of the river, and most hikers can expect the water to range anywhere from their ankles up to their waist. Since most of the hike is in the water, it is recommended that you have the proper gear including boots, neoprene socks, and a hiking stick – all of which can be rented from local rental shops in the area. In the colder months, it is also wise to wear special pants for the cold water to keep warm.  

Since The Narrows is a slot canyon, there is always the risk of a flash flood, so check the weather and do not go on the hike if there is any chance of rain in the forecast. Rainfall from miles away can also cause flash floods in The Narrows so check the forecast for neighboring cities.  

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Difficulty Level:  Difficult

The Mirror Lake trail is located deep in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. The nearest towns are Buffalo and Ten Sleep.  From either of these spots, you will need to take the scenic drive through Highway 16, a curvy mountain road for some time.  Once you are off of the main road, you will drive another 6 miles on a dirt road until you reach East Ten Sleep Lake, where you will catch the trailhead.  While there are tons of cars, you won’t see too many people around.  You are well within the middle of nowhere and about to embark on an even more isolated experience.

This day hike is 6 miles out and back to Mirror Lake on trail 065.  This particular hike can easily be done in a day, or you may choose to do some overnight camping to extend your visit and even continue on further up the trail if you wish.  Over the course of the hike, you will find a mix of terrain on this trail, including creek crossings.  There are a few sections that are steep inclines and can be quite strenuous.  These sections are often followed by rewarding views or calming meadows.  A lot of the difficulty of this trail will depend on your pace.  We were able to hike up to Mirror Lake in 1.5 hours and back in 1.25.  However, many other hikers have indicated this trail takes about 3 hours in and 2.5 hours back.  I recommend taking your time on the inclines and declines which will help to secure your footing and to ensure you are not over-exerting yourself.

Mirror Lake is a beautiful alpine lake, however, it is very easy to walk right past it.  The lake is nestled down in the trees, so be sure to keep your eye out for it.  Once you are there, you can enjoy fishing, picnicking, camping, or just enjoy the surrounding nature.  There are other campers and hikers at the lake, but it never feels crowded. 

This day hike isn’t a walk in the park.  Hiking this trail will take you in to the Cloud Peak Wilderness. There are many things that you have to prepare for.  First, know that there is no cell service anywhere in the Bighorn Mountains.  If you get in trouble, you are unable call out.  Be prepared for potential encounters with wild animals, including bearsPack bear spray with you.  Weather can also play a crucial role in your hiking experience.  Storms can roll in quickly.  Altitude sickness should also be factored in.  This hike will take you to elevations of over 9,000 feet. Make sure to take some time to acclimate if you’re not used to being at elevation.  Altitude sickness is real!

I enjoyed the meadows of this trail the most, while my hubby enjoyed the excellent lake fishing.  With the creek cutting through fields of green, these were beautiful, peaceful spots. The lake itself is beautiful too.  On a calm day, the reflections are stunning (and how it got its name). This is a place where you can easily reflect on nature’s quiet beauty.

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I hope that you enjoyed reading about all of these magnificant day hikes from around the world! Where is your favourite day hike? I would love to hear about it as I am always looking for the best trails to hike whenever I travel!



Kelly xoxo


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  1. Hannah

    All these hikes look amazing! I got homesick reading about The Hooker Valley Trek in New Zealand – I haven’t done that hike, but many others. We call it ‘tramping’ instead of hiking over there 😉

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  2. Simply Angella

    This is so comprehensive & detailed! I recently moved back to WA and had hoped to explore more of Canada once they open the borders. There is so many gorgeous hikes up there! Also, pinning this for our NZ trip we had to put on hold due to the pandemic. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Carrie Ann | Should Be Cruising

    All of these hikes look amazing! I love to do day hikes when I travel, but I haven’t done any of these yet. I’ve been itching to visit Finland again, so Riisitunturi National Park is definitely going on my list!

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  4. Krista

    I love to go on hikes and I can say I’ve never been on any of these. I’m currently in Spain though, so I’ll be looking into the Spanish hike if I make it to the north of Spain at some point. Thanks for all the great tips!

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  5. Kelly

    So many amazing hikes on this list! I can verify that Garibaldi lake is even more stunning in person 🙂 Can’t wait to do some of these other like one say. So many areas in South America are on my list – so beautiful!

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  6. Nichole the Nomad

    I just added all of these hikes to my bucket list! I visited Utah last year and was so bummed that The Narrows were closed. I cannot wait to go back and hike it! I’m saving this helpful hiking guide for when I go to each of these places to hike!

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  7. travelsandwandering

    Some great ones here. I think it’s so hard to pick the best ones when there is so much to do and see in the world. But you’ve definitely given me a few to add to my list.

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    1. Just One Passport

      I’ve put them all on my list of “must do’s”, but I agree sometimes you are just looking for a trail that allows you to get out into nature and to get in a bit of exercise, but you want it enjoyable without a lot of work.


  8. Anuradha

    What a beautiful list of hikes from all over the world! I haven’t been to any of them, so adding all these gorgeous places into my never ending bucket list. Last weekend, I had plans to visit seven sisters cliffs in UK, but somehow cancelled my plans. Would love to go and hike those chalk cliffs sometime soon, before the weather turns out bad!

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  9. Catherine

    This is such a great list of hikes for all fitness levels! The hike to Garibaldi Lake is right up my alley – how beautiful are those views! And the wine region in Hungary – 2 things I love: outdoor adventures and wine!

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  10. bye:myself

    Such an inspiring list – makes the current situation even more difficult to bear: I wish I could just go to all those countries and happily trampeling around. Also: Thank you for letting me chip in – was a pleasure as always 🙂

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  11. Sandy N Vyjay

    Hikes are always an exhilarating experience. And this is an amazing curation of some of the best hikes from around the world. Each one seems to have its own lure, but personally I would love head to Finland and Indonesia for hiking, the trails look amazing.

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  12. jackiebrowngately

    I was happy to find easy to moderate hikes in these suggestions! As much as I love city tours, after a while I crave a nature break. I will add several of these hikes to upcoming itineraries…especially Whistler and the Seven Sisters. Both are high on my bucket list!

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  13. Jim Whittemore

    That hike in Colombia sounds exactly like my kind of hike if I’m honest. Been to Cali, Bogota, and Medellin but never thought to venture into the hills in between them. I’m not the biggest hiker so an easy/moderate one with a stop at a coffee farm might be what makes me do it!

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