Off-Road Safari Adventures in Aruba

DePalm Tours - Off-Road Safari, Aruba
DePalm Tours Aruba, Off-Road Safari Adventure

What can be more fun than an off road safari adventure in Aruba?  I don’t think very much! Taking an off road safari adventure is one of many activities to do when visiting Aruba. Weather you’re there on a one day cruise stop, or visiting the island for a week, a safari adventure is a great way to see what the island has to offer.

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I was blessed to visit the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba for a one day stop on a cruise with Princess Cruises.  Prior to boarding the ship, I reserved my spot with DePalm Tours for a five-hour off-road safari adventure.  Not only was the off road tour with DePalm Tours a lot of fun, it provided the opportunity to see some of the islands tourist spots.

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Our tour guide met us at our ship and we were taken to the office location of DePalm Tours. Here we were introduced to our guides, Matthew (with two t’s) and Oko.  We were given the rules of the road and briefed on what we would be seeing and what to expect while out on our Aruba adventure.  We then boarded our jeep and we were off!

Casibari Rock Formations

Our first stop was the Casibari Rock Formation. We were given enough time to climb to the top of the Casibari Rock Formations, which was an easy 140 feet in elevation.  Once reaching the top, we were confronted with  the most breathtaking view of the entire island.

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Climb the Casibari Rock Formations for a view of the island of Aruba.
Casibari Rock Formation, Aruba

Once we had the opportunity to take in this beauty, we boarded the jeep and we continued on our island journey.  The bumps along the way to our next stop gave a small taste of what was in store for us.  It didn’t take us long to realize that we were in for some kind of great adventure.



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Natural Bridge

Our second stop was even more breathtaking than the first.  We were given the opportunity to explore one of the several natural bridges in Aruba, known as the Baby Bridge.  The colour of the ocean and the rock formations were a sight to see.

A stop at one of the natural bridges, known as the Baby Bridge, while on an off road safari with DePalm Tours
Natural Bridge known as Baby Bridge, in Aruba

In this area of the island, you couldn’t help but notice that people had stack rocks upon each other to form a pyramid. It is thought by tourists that by doing this that good luck would be bestowed upon them. This practice disturbs natures natural habitat and the local tourist board is attempting to stop.

It is believed that by piling rocks into a pyramid formation  good luck will be brought into your life
Good Luck Symbols in Aruba

At this stop there was also a spot where we could sample the local beer, Balashi (for a small fee), which was a bonus. 

Visiting the Natural Pools is a top adventure when visiting the island of Aruba
Natural Pool, Aruba

After this stop, the real Aruba adventure began.  We continued on along the coast of the Caribbean Sea as we bounced around like rag dolls.  What a blast!  I recommend grabbing a seat at the rear of the jeep in order to experience as many bumps along the way as possible.,  chose to sit in the rear of the jeep so that I could experience the maximum amount of bumps as possible.

Alto Vista Chapel

Next up was at a small chapel known as the Alto Vista Chapel, meaning “Pilgrims Church”, which is located right on the ocean side.

The original chapel was built in the 1750’s by a Venezuelan missionary, and the church as it currently stands was built in 1952.

California Lighthouse

The California Lighthouse in Aruba is one of the islands most instagrammable spots
California Lighthouse

Next stop on our island adventure was the California lighthouse, which was named after the ship that sunk in 1891.  For energic adventurers, the lighthouse is open to the public to climb.

Arashi Beach

The Arashi Beach Shack on Arashi Beach is one of the many stops while on the off road safari with DePalm Tours
One of the world’s most beautiful beaches

Last, but not least, we stopped at Arashi Beach. Arashi Beach is well known for its world-class swimming and snorkeling.  There was a great little bar at this beach where you could sit back and enjoy the island breeze and a cold one…..or maybe two.

In Conclusion….

As all good things, our Aruban off road safari adventure came to an end. After an fun day of sightseeing and touring the island of Aruba, DePalm Tours returned us to our ship in time for our departure.

If you have the good fortune of visiting Aruba, I highly recommend an off road safari adventure with DePalm Tours

“One Happy Island”

Have you visited the beautiful island of Aruba? I would love to hear what your favourite Aruba adventures are.


Kelly xoxo

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  1. Carly |

    How cool to see a different side of Aruba beyond just the beautiful beaches! It looks like such an adventure!


  2. Suzy

    This looks like such an incredible tour. The rock formations are fascinating and what better way to finish the day than snorkelling and having a beer at Arashi Beach. I find it really interesting how the sea is rough and wild in some of the locations but calm at that stunning beach. Great post

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  3. Natasha

    When I thought of Aruba I thought of beaches, it’s nice to see that there’s other fun activities. I’ll certainly keep this in mind for any future visit, it looks like a ton of fun and it’s always great to get recommended tour companies.

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  4. Mayuri

    Never heard of safari adventure in Aruba. I always thought it’s a beach destination. Thanks for sharing such an insightful and an informative guide


  5. thewayfaringfoodie

    What a creative way to explore Aruba! I have never off-roaded, but I would really like to! Aruba sounds like the perfect place to do so. I also really want to go to Arashi Beach and check out the snorkeling (and the drinks)!


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