How To Save Money to Travel More

We all have that one friend who is able to travel, and is always out on one adventure or another.  Our lucky friend is off seeing the world and we are stuck at home unable to afford the luxury of travel. We might even feel a little bit jealous at times and wonder how we can save money to travel more.  I get asked this question all the time and I’m going to let you in on my little secrets on how I save money so that I can travel more.

10 Ways to Save Money so you can travel more often

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We all have the freedom and the ability to travel more often just like that one friend does if we really want to.

Make Travel a Priority

Making travel a priority is step number one in saving money to be able to travel more often.  If we want something badly enough, we can always find a way and be dedicated and make it happen.  This goes with everything in life not just travel, but for the purpose of this article we will focus on saving money for travel.  In order to be successful saving the money we need for travel, it is imperative that the desire to travel is made a priority.  If this step is skipped, saving money for travel won’t be successful.

When I made the decision that life was too short and my primary focus turned to travel (next to my family and my employment of course), I sat down and took inventory of all of my current expenses.  Since I am a solo traveller, travel is much more expensive, but I was shocked to see how many areas of my life could be changed in order to save more money for what I loved to do the most…travel.

Cut Down Expenses to Save Money for Travel

Walk Instead of Drive

In this day and age, we think nothing of hopping in the car and driving to where we need (or want) to go, failing to plan our errands in advance.  There are times when we may find ourselves out, only to realize that we had forgotten to pick up something that we think we might need.  Then off we go again.

to save money to travel more often, consider walking rather than driving.  It also saves time and money if you pre-plan your errands
Save money to travel. Walk, don’t drive.

Not only will we save time when we pre-plan our errands, we will also save money by not using as much gas (and we all know how expensive gas is these days).  Before running errands, take the time to determine what is needed for the week, plan your route, and get it all done at once so that you aren’t taking the car out as often.  Better yet, leave the car at home and walk whenever  possible.  Not only will you save money, but you will also get in a bit of exercise and save a ton of time.

Stay Home

Going out shopping or to the movies encourages more spending.  Change your lifestyle when you aren’t travelling to be more of a homebody.  Take up new hobbies, become an avid hiker (which is free and healthy), or entertain your friends at home.  Just stay home more often.  Everytime we leave the house it does cost money.

Stop Eating at Restaurants and Getting Take-Out

Most of us are guilty of either going to a restaurant at least once a week, or at the very least getting take-out.  I always did this on a Friday night.  As somebody who loves going to restaurants, I found this a tough one to give up, but travel was more of a priority for me, so give it up I did. I do occasionally treat myself by going to a restaurant every month or two, just so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on one of my favorite things to do.

Skip the Timmie’s Run

Canadians will know exactly what I mean by this one.  We love our Timmie’s coffee, and I certainly am no exception.   I use to stop for a Timmie’s every night after work and two or three times on the weekends.  My weekly coffee bill often exceeded $15.00 per week.  Although it doesn’t sound like much, over a month that’s $60.00.   That $60.00 has gone a long way to help me save money so that I can travel more often.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

This is a biggy!  Yes, I was a smoker for my entire life until almost 5 years ago.  I decided that I wanted to begin to travel 4 or 5 times a year, and quitting smoking was the only way that I would be able to do that.  With cigarettes in Canada being $16.00 a pack (at the time I quit), I made a HUGE savings for my travel fund.  It certainly wasn’t easy to quit after smoking for 45 years, but my desire to travel and see the world was much greater than giving myself shitty health.

Need vs. Want

Finally, when cutting down on expenses, ask yourself, do I really NEED this?  Or do I just WANT this?  It is amazing how much we buy just because we want it.  If serious about traveling more often, especially as a solo traveller, it is important to purchase only what is needed and forgo the wants.

Saving Money for Travel

In addition to all of the money saved by cutting these unnecessary expenses, there are also additional ways to save money in order to travel more frequently.

Travel Savings Account

Once you have reviewed your weekly/monthly budget, determine what you can afford to set aside.  Open a separate bank account strictly for your travel fund.  Deposit the determined amount either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, into that account.   Do not have this travel account linked to your debit card, so that the only way you can access it is to go into the bank.

Save Your Pennies

This strategy has always worked for me and I am surprised that more people don’t use it.   I have a large jar (it’s actually a 2 foot plastic beer bottle), that I put all of my change into.  When it comes time for me to travel, I roll it up and exchange it for bills.  This strategy pays for all of my adventures and/or tours when I am travelling. It is a great way to save so that you can have those little extras when travelling.

save all of your change to help you travel more often. This can help to cover the cost of any adventures during your trip
Save your change. This adds up quickly and you can use this money for tours and adventures during your travels

Save Money to Travel More – Wrap Up

In short, saving money to travel more often takes a lot of dedication and determination, but by following these simple, and sometimes not so simple, steps, you will be travelling more frequently in no time at all:

  • make travel a priority
  • walk, don’t drive
  • pre-plan your errands to do all at the same time
  • stay home more often
  • cut out (or cut back) on eating at restaurants and take-out
  • stop the Timmie runs
  • determine WANT vs. NEED
  • open a savings account dedicated to travel only and don’t link your bank card to this account
  • count your pennies


If you want to save for travel and be successful, these are just a few methods of saving extra money that have worked for me.  We are all looking for ways to save money, whether it be for travel or other things, and I would love to hear what methods you use to save money so that you are able to travel more?


Kelly xoxo

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10 Easy ways to save money so you can travel more often

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