Huron Natural Area | In My Own Backyard

Huron Natural Area One of Kitchener’s Best Hiking Trails

There are definitely times when it is necessary to escape the everyday monotony of life and immerse ourselves in nature. When one of the best hiking trails in Kitchener is situated in my own backyard, the task of hitting of the trails at Huron Natural Area has definitely been made much easier.

Where is Huron Natural Area?

Huron Natural Area is home to over 250 acres of forested land which offers over 7 km of trails to explore situated in the middle of the City of Kitchener.

Huron Natural Area is the largest green space in the Region of Waterloo and is home to various bird species, hence why it’s considered to be one the the best parks in Kitchener.

Huron Natural Area is easily accessible from the 401 and free parking can be found at 801 Trillium Drive, Kitchener, Ontario.

Why Huron Natural Area is Considered One of the Best Parks in Kitchener?

Hiking, walking, running, birding, and photography are all popular past-times of visitors at Huron Natural Area. However, it is nature’s beauty and wildlife which makes Huron Natural Area a favorite among the locals.

For solo hikers and adventurers, Huron Natural Area is a safe area to explore on your own during daylight hours.

Just One Tip: Parking and Entry to Huron Natural Area is Free

Hiking at Huron Natural Area

Huron Natural Area offers the avid hiker her choice of three awesome trails to hike. None of the trails are overly long and all three can be done in the same day.

Huron and Forest Trail Loop

  • Rating: Easy
  • Distance: 2.7 km

The Huron and Forest Trail Loop is a moderately travelled loop trail and is good for all skill levels. The trail is best used from May to November. The trail is useable throughout the Winter months but can get a bit icy, so crampons are recommended.

Huron and Woodland Trail Loop

  • Rating: Easy
  • Distance: 4.8 km

The Huron and Woodland Trail loop is a lightly travelled loop trail and is suitable for hiking, biking, and bird watching. Theree are several smaller trails which lead off of the Huron Woodland Trail and during the winter months, it can be easy to get turned around. Dogs are permitted on the trail but must be kept on a leash.

Plantation Trail, Meadow Trail, and Woodland Trail Loop

  • Rating: Easy
  • Distance: 5.5 km

The Plantation, Meadow and Woodland Trail Loop is a moderately travelled loop trail which leads through fields of beautiful wildflowers during the spring and summer months.

What You Can Expect to See When Hiking at Huron Natural Area

A hike at Huron Natural Area is never boring regardless of how many times you wander the paths through the forest.

The inter-connecting trails and pathways will take you around small lakes and rivers, over foot-bridges, through meadows full of wild flowers, and down paths canopied by evergreen trees.

Huron Natural Area in Kitchener, offers 7 km of hiking and walking trails, wildlife, and photography which is why it's one of Kitchener's best trails
Feed the birds at Huron Natural Area

If you are lucky and in the right spot at the right time, you can expect to encounter a bit of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles basking in the sun, beavers swimming through one of the lakes, garter snakes slithering through the tall grass, and many different species of birds, some of which will visit you for a feeding.

What to Bring When Hiking Huron Natural Area?

In addition to the usual day hike essentials, you will want to bring a picnic if you are planning on spending a few hours. There is no store nearby, but there are a few picnic tables located just beside the parking lot.

Not all of the trails are groomed and when planning on hiking throughout the winter months, I HIGHLY recommend that you bring crampons with you as the trails do get quite slippery.

Hiking is not the only attraction that brings residents to this park. It is the best spot in Kitchener click some amazing shots of nature and wildlife. Huron Natural Area has become a photographers dream!

Are There Washrooms at Huron Natural Area?

Yes. There are washrooms for both men and women located beside the parking lot, but there are no other washrooms throughout the park.

When is the Best Time to Visit Huron Natural Area?

As any avid hiker would say, any time is a good time! Huron Natural Area doesn’t close and it is open to the public year round, hence offering the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the city, among many other benefits offered.


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Huron Natural Area Kitchener Ontario Canada

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